Need a book cover? You've come to the right place.

I create unique and customized designs geared towards your project's needs,

utilizing illustration and photo manipulation.

Don't settle for generic. Your book's cover can make or break

its first impression with readers, and I'll collaborate with you to create

something that pleases the eye and gets readers excited for your story.

And for a killer flat rate, you'll get a complete cover

in all formats—ready for you to use for publishing and marketing.

Sound like a plan?

Let's get in touch and make the magic happen:


How much does it cost?

For all cover projects, I charge $100 flat rate. You get the cover in all the publishing formats you like, including ebook, paperback, hardcover, and a square version for audiobooks.

What do you need to design my cover?

All I need is your book's title, author name, additional text you want on the front/back/spine, your manuscript page count, and any important details regarding your book's manufacturing (to ensure the cover is scaled to the right size for printing physical copies, if applicable.)

For the design itself, you're welcome to bring as much or as little to the table as you wish. Some authors/publishers want something specific for their design, and some don't have anything in mind—so I'll brainstorm and create concept sketches until a solid idea is formed.

Do you only design horror covers?
My book is in another genre, but still needs a cover.

I've created covers for plenty of different genres, it's just that a vast majority of my clients are horror authors. Whether you're publishing genre fiction, non fiction, or a genre-hybrid, I can create a design that fits your niche, and I'd love to help out—horror or not.

Will you make 3D mock ups for my marketing campaign?

Absolutely. If you would like mock ups, I include them free with your order.

My book already has a cover, but can you improve it?

Re-designs are a regular aspect of what I do. I can take a look at your cover and provide consultation, or create an improved design altogether

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